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After an amazing 2 years in Lord of the Rings Online we will now be shutting down our raiding and moving onto The Elder Scrolls Online. Off Peak had an amazing run in lotro which got us several server 1sts and even a world 1st.

With the decline of the lotro content and population it was in our best interest to move to a new game, many of us still wish lotro was going and others have moved onto other MMOs such as FF14 and gw2. However OP as a community will be focusing on ESO to hopefully regain what we once had in lotro.

Off Peak was created on 25.12.11, Yes, on Christmas of 2011!

We are always looking to recruit skilled, capable and competent raiders into the guild.

If you're interested in being part of the Off Peak family, do fill up the Application Form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

You can choose to hasten your application process by contacting anyone of the Officers in Off Peak.

Officers: Isabaeux, Audreyz, Melodyz, Darrius, Sten

Lotro achievements:
ToO TCM Server 1st Shadow
ToO TCM Server 1st Frost & Flame
World 3rd Challenger of Saruman Title
Server 1st Smaug T2C
World 1st 6man Flight of the Lonely Mountain T2

Off Peak TeamSpeak 3 Server: T314:DARKSTARLLC.COM:10063
Steam Community:

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